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Image showing Kerry Harris, Cardiff Met WFC Manager

Orchard WPWL ‘Seren Y Mis’!

Meet our Orchard WPWL ‘Seren Y Mis’ Dr Kerry Harris, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University and Cardiff Met WFC Manager

O: How does it feel to be nominated as this month’s WPWL ‘Seren y Mis’? 

 Delighted and honoured, given that there are so many great coaches in our League and at our club who deserve this. 

O: You started your career as a player - have you always had a love for football? Did you have someone who inspired you? 

Yes, a love of football, sport and anything active or where I could get muddy! I’ve taken lots of inspiration from players and coaches I’ve worked alongside. My greatest inspiration has always been my players. Their hard work, passion, commitment and talent drives me to be better and do the best I can for them and the club. 

O: Cardiff Met Ladies have had a successful run during their time in the league. What would you attribute your team’s success to?

K: The success is testament to the hard work that is put in from players and staff. We are an amateur club, with a professional and performance mindset. We’ve fought hard for our successes, not just on the grass but in other aspects too. We have kept our seat at the top of the table for so many years because we have continually pushed ourselves and never got complacent. Of course, our competitors have helped keep that momentum and the improvements in other teams in recent years has meant that we have had to continually be better, push ourselves and do more every year.  

O: What has been some of your most standout memories during your time with Cardiff Met Ladies?  

K: There are many, but winning the treble twice, and our last UWCL campaign where we narrowly lost out on a spot in the round of 32, are top of the list.   

O: What is your hope for the future of Cardiff Met Ladies? 

K: That we continue to build a legacy and that our excellent female role models get the recognition they deserve! We hope to see European football again, and next time, the round of 32. 

O: What is your hope for the future of the WPWL? 

K: That we see League games like we did last night against Swansea more regularly. The same standard, intensity and competitiveness every week. Consistency in terms of opposition, interest, media coverage, investment and officiating across all League games. They should all be treated the same whether it’s a top, middle or bottom of the table clash. 

Congratulations Kerry on being the WPWL 'Seren Y Mis'!   #OrchardWPWL

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