The Lab.

Our unique state-of-the-art two-way mirror market research facility (yes it’s cool and yes, you can really see what people really think!) offers everything you need for market and consumer research. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a fly on the wall?

Stop wondering - our state of the art, custom designed viewing facility is designed specifically for qualitative research will allow you to be just that.

Bringing research to life.

Delve in to your consumer’s heart and mind by exploring their hidden responses through facial expressions and body language. Watch from behind our two-way mirror as interviews and sessions take place and be one step ahead of your competition.

The Ooo factor.

A large two-way mirror; Central location with easy access; Video streaming and HD video uploading; On-site technical support; Super-fast internet and WIFI. We have it all! 

It’s all in the details.

Our two state-of-the-art equipped research facilities can be completely flexible and can be configured for viewing or for group testing - allowing you to watch and record your research easily, and in greater depth! 

From getting public opinions on a new product, to brand testing, advertising, and creative testing - we will help facilitate your research project and will give you as much support as you need.

We can even help you with insight when it comes to events – no project is too big or small for us flies on the wall! 

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