Transport for Wales Roadshow event management.

// Transport for Wales

The brief

Event manage a month long roadshow activation, that would tour Wales and the Borders to raise awareness of the takeover of the Welsh train network.

Key objectives

  • Raise awareness of the takeover of the Welsh train network 
  • Gain feedback
  • Put a face to the company, and personally inform each region what changes and improvements they could expect in the coming years
  • Deliver information on ‘Transport for Wales’ 5-year investment plan.


We proposed the creation of a train carriage shaped activation that would work in two configurations (a large and small activation) that could be toured to each venue. This modular approach allowed the activation to be placed in prime positioning throughout each station on the route, taking into account the smaller spaces that we would encounter at the more remote stations. This allowed for maximum visibility and interaction with the passengers at each destination.

The carriage also contained screens displaying a promotional bi-lingual video explaining the history of Transport for Wales (TFW), branding throughout the internals of the carriage showing the regional changes and a timeline of the investment, and on the external front window, a Contra-vision graphic was produced for each location and personalising the activation to each location, and providing a backdrop for the ‘selfie’ competition running throughout the roadshow time period.

We worked with TFW planning a suitable route for the roadshow, sourcing promotional handouts, and contacting and liaising with each station to provide permits and H&S documentation for the activation.

The roadshow coincided with a difficult time period for TFW with storms and inclement weather taking a large percentage of their inherited fleet off the tracks for emergency repairs. This meant the original goal of the roadshow to increase visibility and raise awareness of the takeover also served as an alternative purpose of listening to the concerns of effected passengers and letting them know timeframes of when normal service would resume.

The roadshow successfully visited 23 stations over the month, handing out thousands of promotional gifts and informative flyers to passengers, and delivering the message from larger city hub stations to smaller more remote stops, that investment and improvements were coming.